Welcome to Modular Audio Graphics, home of AudioVisual Fulldome Project Artists from Jena/Germany.

You are interested in Virtual Acoustics, 3D audio animation or Visualization of your audio data, perhaps all within a Fulldome Production, you are at the right place.

It is our passion to

  • develope modular configurable & interactive software tools
  • for the algorithmic synthesis or processing of audio data
  • supporting 3D/spatial audio-animation & virtual acoustics features
  • within any accessible multi-channel audio environment
  • including a range of distinct rendering techniques for real-time visualization
  • combining different audio generation and rendering functions
  • permitting exciting audio-visually animated fulldome-enabled productions.

This is ModularAudioGraphics.

Please have a look at our project page for an overview of the shows we did in the past.

See also the main profile of TEN ART COMMUNICATIONS @ fddb.org
or read about all projects done at cymatrix.org